The northern Greek peninsula of Halkidiki consists of three "fingers" that far into the Aegean Sea. In particular, the middle peninsula, Sithonia, is characterized by original landscapes, pine and pine forests, olive groves and gently curving bays. These convey through your fine and almost always sandy beaches often an atmosphere like in the Caribbean. Well known is Sithonia also for its water quality, awarded the EU blue flag.

The Holy Mount Athos

The easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki, the Holy Mount Athos, is  due to its untouched as the most fascinating.  For yet civilization has not penetrated to the Holy Mountain, which is exclusively inhabited by monks. The  same wooded Mount Athos, which rises 2,033 meters high peaks on the southern tip of the headland from the sea, offers a majestic sight. For over a thousand years of Athos is home to monks who have dedicated their lives to the worship of God and the Holy Virgin.  In the year 885 AD, the Byzantine emperor Basil I said,  the Mount Athos,  the Holy Mountain, an enclave of monks and hermits.
963 AD founded the first monastery. A century later came the decree that no person should weichgesichtige disturb the sanctity of Mount Athos. The ban is still effective and excludes women from entering the Athos.